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Monday 26 February updated on 02-26-2024 at 8:06

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A smooth stay!

You've just booked your stay in Les Arcs, a great choice ;) We've put together the ultimate guide to preparing your stay and making the most of Les Arcs. Because yes, there's so much to do here, you won't have a minute to lose once you arrive. So here's a compilation of our top tips:

How do I get there?

By train + funicular

Thanks to the funicular linking the Bourg Saint Maurice station to the Les Arcs resort in 7 minutes, you can easily ski by train! Once you've arrived at the resort, the inter-resort shuttles will be there to take you to your accommodation!

- The return funicular ride is free for train ticket holders.

- Travel light: Mes Bagages SNCF delivers your luggage

By car

To prepare for your arrival by car, remember to :

- Reserve your parking lot

- Check road conditions

- Bring the mandatory equipment for mountainous areas: chains, socks or 4 snow tires

♻ To reduce the footprint and cost of your trip, consider carpooling.

If you're still looking for a ride, find one in just a few clicks --> https://www.golesarcs.com/


Reservations not to be missed?

1. Ski passes for the whole family

2. Ski equipment rental

3. Ski outfit rental with Picture

4. Kids' ski course registration

5. Activities you don't want to miss!

Get in the mood

This will help you prepare your suitcase and your mindset:


Outfit of the day:

1. Ski underwear to avoid sweat-soaked clothes

2. Breathable under-jacket to keep warm

3. Waterproof jacket for wind and snow

4. Essential accessories: gloves, goggles and ski helmet! And don't forget the little ski boots for ultimate style!

And for the evening, go for a pair of warm pants and sweater, with little après-ski boots for a mountain style look.


The skier's morning routine:

1. Get up early to be on the slopes by 9:15 a.m.

2. Energetic breakfast to get the day off to a good start

3. As a face care product, sun cream is your best ally in protecting you from the elements.

4. Stretching and warming up to be at your best physically

5. Put on your chosen outfit, check your gear, and off you go for a day of pure fun!


To immerse yourself in the local atmosphere, we recommend getting ready to devour cheese galore and party from 5pm to 7pm, the perfect combo for a successful day out!


And a little bonus tip: watch "Les Bronzés font du ski" once or twice to understand all the references of the mountain pros!