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If you're a keen hill walker, our playground is ideal for you!

If you love height differential, ours is the Ideal playground for you!

Trail running in les Arcs will enable you to explore the mountains surrounding us from the valley right up to the peaks. On our trails you will be able to enjoy an outstanding view over the Alps and a sense of freedom at the same time! 

The principle of trail running

Unlike walking, trail running is a more physically committing sport. It is a running race on rugged mountain paths. Once again, in les Arcs we have adapted by offering our many athletes courses of varying length and difficulty.

PS: If you would like to train for your next race, the courses of the l'Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc© and the Trace des Ducs de Savoie© pass through les Arcs … 

Equipment & advice

Trail running is a race unlike any other. It is a race which is run over a long distance, a sort of all-terrain running race! That requires specialist equipment.

Our advice:

-       Before planning your run in our massifs, glance at the weather forecast. You know the rest; strong sun means a tube of cream and sunglasses!

-    Equipping yourself with a good pair of shoes suitable for running in the mountains is highly recommended, essential even. We very much like the "SpeedCross 5" from Salomon, light shoes which are good on all types of trail.

-       You may also find a pair of walking poles especially useful,

-       As for all outings in the mountains, don’t forget to slip into your rucksack a water bottle, a snack in case of a drop in energy, a waterproof and/or windproof garment.

-       Remember your smartphone, too. It may be handy in case of a problem but above all to immortalise our beautiful scenery! Then remember to share your lovely photos on our social media sites :)


Our mountains... for everyone

Even when taking part in sport, we can behave responsibly. Always remember to take a small bag for your litter or for other people’s litter. Don’t hesitate to clear paths by removing branches and stones which could get in the way of our mountain-biking friends!  

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