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Wednesday 24 April updated on 04-24-2024 at 8:06

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Set out to explore the ski area through our little snow-riding programmes! These programmes can be your guide  advising you how to enjoy the best of the slopes. They can be adapted to suit the weather and everyone’s wishes. 

Between Forest and Mountain

Continuing this wonderful holiday, today is about the mountains and above all the forest! Because it has to be admitted that skiing between the tall trees covered in their white coats is absolutely top.

Still starting from Arc 1800, we gain a little height using the Transarc telecabin to its terminus at the Col de la Chal. Ski down the Arc 2000 side on the blue Col de la Chal piste to the Grand Col chairlift. Enjoy the panorama when you reach the Grand Col (2832m), with a superb view over the Aiguille Grive and Bellecôte.

We’re off again to ski down on the red Grand Col piste, then the blue Vallée de l’arc piste to the Plagnettes chairlift. It’s time to meander through the forest. Take the red Grand Renard piste to flip back onto the Arc 1800 side. Head left towards the Renard piste in the forest then the Myrtilles piste in the forest (although it’s not really the season yet, enjoy a good tart all the same: the recipe is right here). Ski down to Vallandry on the Forêt 1 piste.

Still not tired? It’s back on the slopes via the Grizzly chairlift. At the top, stop at the famous « panorama » point. What would a ski trip be without a great view point? Take a moment to admire the Aiguille Rousse just above you and the view over the Beaufortain, the PierraMenta and Bellecôte. It’s time to return to the fold maybe to enjoy a nice hot chocolate! On the piste again for the last runs, a blue piste in the Forest finishing in style with the Maïtaz piste! Is the day too short for you ?

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