See you on the slopes from 16 December


Monday 04 December updated on 12-04-2023 at 8:06

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Set out to explore the ski area through our little snow-riding programmes! These programmes can be your guide  advising you how to enjoy the best of the slopes. They can be adapted to suit the weather and everyone’s wishes. 

The Arc 2000 valley

It’s time to gain some height and cover the Arc Valley from end to end at an altitude of more than 2000m!

Setting off from Arc 1800 once again, take the famous cabins which will take you to the top: the Transarc!

Once at the col de la Chal, enjoy the scenery once again (we guarantee you’ll never get tired of it) before attacking the descent. We bend our knees, put our goggles on and go for the red Plagnettes piste, then link up with the Plan des eaux all the way to the village of Arc 1950. In the heart of the village, another stop for the impressive view of Mont-Blanc.

Put your skis back on and ski down into the valley on the Valléedel’arc1piste to the start of the excellent Pré Saint Esprit chairlift. A nice warm lift thanks to its heated seats and a protective bubble! Pose just before you arrive: great photo guaranteed with Mont-Blanc and the resort of Arc 1950 as a backdrop. Don’t forget to pick up you photo as you leave the chairlift using your lift pass or directly in your Yuge app if you’ve paired your lift pass.

Straight down the fall-line, attack the Vallée de l’arc piste again to reach the village of Arc 1950 and take the Cabriolet telecabin. Explore the village of Arc 2000 with its Olympic flame and view over the Flying Kilometre piste from the 1992 Albertville Olympics. Gain a little height once again using the Varet telecabin.

To end this superb day in style, it’s time to try the fresh snow on the Natur’ Crêtes piste, a natural, ungroomed piste.

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