See you on the slopes from 16 December


Tuesday 28 November updated on 11-28-2023 at 8:06

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Set out to explore the ski area through our little snow-riding programmes! These programmes can be your guide  advising you how to enjoy the best of the slopes. They can be adapted to suit the weather and everyone’s wishes. 

Exploring Arc 1600

On the programme for the first day: discovering the village of Arc 1600, its slopes and its architecture so atypical and respectful of the environment which surrounds it.

Start from Arc 1800 with the Vagère chairlift. Once at the top, tackle the blue Arpette piste all the way to Arc 1600, then take the red Grangespiste. When you get to the middle station of the funicular, climb aboard and go back up to Arc 1600.

Take the time to discover the architecture of the Coupole and the Cascade apartment building in the heart of the village of Arc 1600.

’ve stretched your legs, we get back on the slopes taking the Mont-Blanc chairlift . At the top, a souvenir moment to immortalise the start of the holiday and to make all those who are not on skis envious with a nice photo with a view of Mont-Blanc in the background! Of course, you mustn’t forget to share your photo on social media with  #lesarcs, but don’t use the time to stay stuck to your ‘phone!

With the ‘phone back in your pocket, we’re off on a great run down the Mont Blanc piste which winds through the forest offering a superb panorama all the way down.

If you still want more, we recommend that you take the Cachette 6 chairlift and you absolutely must go down on the Cachette piste! To get back to Arc 1800, you have a choice two chairlifts in Arc 1600, Cachette and Mont-Blanc, then you take the Belvédère piste.

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