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Tuesday 23 July updated on 07-23-2024 at 8:06

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B&E Music

The B&E Invitational 2016 isn’t just about freestyle skiing; it’s also about music and not just any music! Concerts with world famous artistes like: > Walshy Fire de Major Lazer, on Saturday, March 12th from 7 p.m to 8.30 p.m on Mille8 of Arc 1800, >Dillon Cooper, on Friday, March 11th from 7 p.m to 8.30 p.m on Mille8 of Arc 1800.   And for even greater variety, there will be 2 days of concerts during the event: > Le Ventilofest, Reggae-Hip hop concert on Friday, March 11th from 9.30 p.m to 02 a.m in Bernard Taillefer Center of Arc 1800,      >> See the Ventilofest 2016 teaser> DJ Mike Rock, to liven up the après-ski in the heart of the resort on Thursday, March 10th from 5p.m to 7p.m, in the bar "Chez Boubou" of Arc 1800.

>Kia Bamba, on Saturday, March 12th in "Carré" of Arc 1800.

Provisional programme for the B&E Invitational 2016 <