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Environmental label

Les Arcs, a sensitive & committed destination

The Les Arcs estate is committed to becoming more responsible, to this end we have implemented numerous actions. To discover them, you can follow the button below.

Everyone's commitment is important, which is why we explain here what can be done at the scale of your rental.

Les Arcs
Responsible Destination

An environmental label

“The Tourist Note” is a certifying process which consists of providing your tenants, who are increasingly sensitive to ecotourism, with quantified information on the main environmental impacts of your accommodation.

Les Arcs is the first tourist destination in Savoie to be a partner of this approach, in other words a great opportunity to stand out from the others !

Eco-responsible actions on a daily basis

To inform your tenants of the actions to adopt each day, we offer you a document that can be inserted in your welcome booklet. View the document