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Did you know? 

In les Arcs, you and your comfort are important to us, so we have prepared a guide to teach you how to unwind … Award yourself a break, breathe in the pure mountain air, breath out and relax.

 What could be better than to reawaken your muscles gently looking at the mountains? Start the morning with a yoga session in an outstanding location, suitable for relaxation.

 Climb up high with a para-glider. A unique trip, an ideal moment to break away from daily life while flying over our valley’s peaks.

 Gambol in the mountains to find peace and quiet. It has been scientifically proven that walking has many benefits. It reduces stress and improves your mood. So, what are you waiting for? Walks or trail runs, stride up and down our paths and chill out.

  Stop off at the Chalet Maïtaz! In your rucksack, take the last book you didn’t have time to finish or just a pad of paper and pen to draw the scenery. Don’t forget your camera to immortalise the moment.

 Climb the peaks of the Aiguille Rouge, get on first-name terms with the highest points  and enjoy the silence. Perched at an altitude of more than 3226m, come and discover les Arcs, seen from above  from the panoramic walkway.

 Get closer to Nature! Take the opportunity of your stay in les Arcs to discover the flora and fauna, to live alongside our wild friends the marmots, the Alpine ibex or just cows.

 Settle down comfortably and escape with the Les Arcs Academy Music Festival. This summer enjoy the 47th Festival!  

 Reconnect with the power of trees! Stroll through the forest and listen to the birdsong, enjoy the rays of sunshine penetrating the vegetation. Recharge your batteries and reconnect with the natural surroundings.

 Cut yourself off from everyday life and plunge into the history of les Arcs! Go back 50 years and walk in the footsteps of Robert Blanc, Roger Godino, Charlotte Perriand and Bernard Taillefer to learn more about the area’s architectural secrets.

 Award yourself a break to enjoy the view! Settle into one of the armchairs at the Comborcière viewpoint. Open your eyes and enjoy the moment.

Spa, Yoga et grand bol d’air pur...

Retrouvez aux Arcs toutes les activités pour un séjour bien être au cœur de la montagne, idéal pour vous ressourcer pendant les vacances.