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Wednesday 28 February updated on 02-28-2024 at 8:06

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Tips and recommendations

Times are changing and standards of comfort and requirements are evolving.

Holidaymakers are more and more demanding; they are well informed, they make comparisons and give their opinions…

The Maison des propriétaires works with property owners in their wish to improve the comfort of their properties to meet the prerequisite expectations and current requirements of holidaymakers.

1 single point of contact:

The inspection of the apartment, its classification, the schedule of works and improvements to a carried out + The provision of a list of suppliers and renovation professionals and interior decorators + Advice and various proposals for refurbishments in keeping with the Spirit of les Arcs + Regular information on the progress of work if required.


 Download the list of participating tradesmen

 Some advice for successfully renovating and equipping your apartment


Ingenious storage

Smart, the bar with integrated drawers allows to maximize the storage capacity of the kitchen or living-room.

Bathroom renovation

Complete renovation of a bathroom. Lacquered furnitures, square basin and chromed equipment make it modern. But it doesn’t mean that original luminous globes and mirror are not integrated, quite the contrary.

Modern cabin door

Cabin door well maintained and modernized thanks to the bright color, which gives a retro and modern aspect at the same time. All colors and desires are possible to bring fancy without removing the original charm.

Enhanced original tables

Sanded Charlotte Perriand’s tables which fit in with the modern decoration of the space.

Makeover of woodwork

Original woodwork and furnitures preserved, no modification, only a general maintenance : sanding, varnishing. A nice upgrade which allows to furnishings to be attuned to any type of decoration and atmosphere

Bedside lamps

For bunkbeds or bed without electrical outlet near, solutions exist. For example this light that you can plug into a USB outlet, or the other one with a clamp that you can clip on headboard.

Textiles séjour

Importance of textile in a room : beyond comfort, it is the reflect of your style, your personnality. Cushions, plaids, bed covers, curtains, carpets, they bring the final touch to your decoration. Depending choosen style and material, they will give a warm, dynamic, modern, traditionnal or sweet atmosphere.


Importance of textile in a room : beyond comfort, it is the reflect of your style, your personnality. Cushions, plaids, bed covers, curtains, carpets, they bring the final touch to your decoration. Depending choosen style and material, they will give a warm, dynamic, modern, traditionnal or sweet atmosphere.

Reutilisation of original luminaires

Reutilisation of Charlotte Perriand luminaires and installation of bedside tabletop with electrical and USB outlets to charge devices


Basic curtains can be replaced by blackout blinds for more originality. They have the advantage to clear the window and let enter more natural light

Minimalist bedside

Another minimalistic bedside tip : a metallic basket fixed on the wall

Hanging bedside tabletop

Ingeniously arranged night corner with his two hanging furnitures. They offer storage but also bedside tabletop, convenient !

Bedroom equipment

All necessary comfort for bed in a minimum of place : individual lighting, bedside table and electrical outlet on each side, ideal to charge phones

Storage compartment

Bunk beds are not left behind thanks to these smart storage compartments allowing to put phones, books or anything else

Breathable bedbase

To insure a maximal longevity to your mattress, it's necessary to opt for a breathable bedbase.Drilled or full slatted bedbase, the essential is to let your mattress breath.

Updated washbasin

To improve comfort without altering the nature of the original bathroom:

> Replace basin and bath taps
> Installation of a shelf under the washbasin (an alternative to standard storage furniture) with storage baskets
> Use of low consumption light bulbs

Shower over the bath

Renovating original bathrooms to meet current criteria and expectations. To benefit from the convenience of a shower:

> Installing a fixed shower screen involves sawing through the metal towel rail.
> Installing a shower column on the wall opposite the shower screen.

Renovated WC

In an aesthetic, economical and ecological approach:

> Installation of a dual flush cistern

> Replacement of suspended WC

Storage furniture and new taps

By continuing this idea to keep the charm of original bathrooms, here only the addition of a new furniture under sink and new tap. Form and color don’t denatured the original space, and it offers storage place.

Children's bedroom

A succession of cubes has been installed, offering storage but also bedside tables.

Ingenious storage

The large drawers under bed are a simply and efficient solution for small bedrooms or night corners where it could be difficult to install a dresser or wardrobe.


Another idea of a comfortable seat, a discreet bench

Folding seats

Space saving and originality, these are the two main advantages of the folding seat. Ideal for small areas, it allows to put on and take off shoes comfortably. Wood or metal, it’s up to you.


Clear lines of sight and movement where large pine panels give a natural and contemporary touch.


Coat rack and bench in one makes the best use of the small space in the entrance hall.

Leather handles

Simpler and, above all, safer, cupboard opening – no more bumping into projecting handles.

Poufs /coffee tables

No more fragile, bulky coffee tables! Pouf by day, converts into a coffee table in the evening by means of a tray fitted on top.

Rejuvenating old tables

In apartments in les Arcs we often come across  5-sided tables with large wooden tops and heavy bases. This design is well suited to small spaces and makes the best use of the space needed for 5 people to eat. All it takes is a good rubbing down to make these tables as good as new to match your new decor.

Using under-stair cupboards

No more wasted space with a well-designed under-stair cupboard! The best use is made of the space available under the stairs to create a functional area. Useful for de-cluttering other rooms, there are various ways of creating a dedicated storage area. Closed or open under-stair cupboards are infinitely adaptable to your needs.

Converted bar counters

The original big bars have given way to a new, more convivial kitchen layout which feels a few m2 bigger. What’s more, these fine counters can be converted into such practical and useful items as unusually shaped desks, bedside tables, hanging sideboards or tables.

Original disc lamp

Light up your everyday life with these rounded lamps.

Return of the original lamp

Spotlight on vintage lamps! Spend your evenings in the light of the legendary metal panel wall lamp.

Or why not choose a  new version of a retro coloured lamp? Fill your living room with good humour!

New version of the original lamp

New version of the Charlotte Perriand pivoting panel wall lamp

Displaying the crockery

The wall has been designed to be used as a dresser. The crockery is on display and to hand.

Corian work surface

Materials chosen for their sturdiness, the Corian is juxtaposed with untreated wood and raw concrete.

Intelligent doors

Enclosing the sleeping areas by means of «intelligent» doors: open, they enclose the cupboards, let in the light and open the sightline to the window, whilst shut they enclose the different spaces.

Seat in the entrance hall

A folding chair in the entrance hall: a comfortable seat for putting on and taking off shoes or boots takes up a minimum of space.



Direct lighting is increasingly installed and appreciated: lights or LED’s in false ceilings.


Contemporary reintegration of the original lights


Original doors and handles renovated and reused.



Restoration of original cupboard doors


Installing multiple sockets free and integrated to meet current needs.


Duvets made with les Arcs’ initials


Made-to-measure blackout curtains in colours that are in keeping with those in les Arcs’ apartment buildings.


Protection on the balcony doorstep



Providing fixed accessories: hair-dryer and magnifying wall mirrors.


Installing sliding doors to separate living areas and save space.


Originally designed for resting and sleeping, apartments are used more today, notably at meal times, when holidaymakers use the time to get together.


New items, equipment and fittings sought by occupants illustrate how use and habits have evolved: owners’ cupboards, closing off and flexibility of some areas, additional prerequisites in terms of electrical appliances (kettle, toaster, combined oven etc.) electricity (need for numerous free sockets) and « infotainment » equipment (flat screen TV with HDMI, WIFI connection etc).


Identifying functional spaces: Refuge, Cloakroom, Kitchen, Sitting room… each space has its function.


A clear line of sight and movement from the front door to the glass doors; an unencumbered flow across a distinct space.

The framing of the landscape and access to the outside are ensured by retaining the wide glass doors.


Creating a so-called « thick » wall with cupboards corresponding to each area; cupboards are grouped along one side of the apartment.

Clearing horizontal surfaces to enjoy a feeling of volume courtesy of freeing spaces from floor to ceiling by raising the furniture (suspended wardrobes and chests of drawers, ceilings free of technical items)


The functionality of the compact and recessed kitchen area with not only all the equipment needed for cooking but also a table and chairs to free up the sitting room and enable guests to enjoy convivial mealtimes.

Living room seat

Preservation of the original disposition of the seat. Comfort optimized with new cushions and extra bed under. Major asset of the seat : it allows not to obstruct the large window.


The flexibility of the sleeping area, with closed cupboards to house skis / boots or jackets and sliding doors (or curtains) enabling the space to be adapted to the needs of the time: cloakroom, storage, sleeping etc.