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Times are changing and standards of comfort and requirements are evolving.

Holidaymakers are more and more demanding; they are well informed, they make comparisons and give their opinions…

The Maison des propriétaires works with property owners in their wish to improve the comfort of their properties to meet the prerequisite expectations and current requirements of holidaymakers.

1 single point of contact:

The inspection of the apartment, its classification, the schedule of works and improvements to a carried out + The provision of a list of suppliers and renovation professionals and interior decorators + Advice and various proposals for refurbishments in keeping with the Spirit of les Arcs + Regular information on the progress of work if required.


 Download the list of participating tradesmen

 Some advice for successfully renovating and equipping your apartment


Le Bellecôte - Cocooning and simplicity

A sober and warm living-room, with careful decoration, which brings softness and comfort after a nice ski day. Lot of details : touch of colors, decorative items, textiles, TV’s cables carfully hidden. Heater new generation and electrical outlet available, all necessary comfort at disposal, even in a small surface.

Dressing table

Installing a dressing table and heated towel rail in the corridor just outside the bathroom door.

Skis and boots storage

Optimisation of ski racks and boot shelves in the entrance hall

Ski cupboard

Closed and integral cupboards for skis and clothing create a more pleasant and secure sleeping area in the entrance hall.

Les Tournavelles - upgrading of the original bathroom

Arrangement of an original bathroom by replacing the old sink with a new basin and its storage furniture.

Les Lauzières - innovative light

The particularity of this bathroom is the lighting : spots with color variation in the shower cabin which allows to modify the atmosphere according your desires.

Les Arolles - optimization of the space

Optimization of the space with this nice renovation offering all necessary comfort in a small surface. Tip : spots integrated in the ceiling, allowing a safe and aesthetic lighting.

L'Armoise - wooden renovation

Nice renovation of a warm and elegant bathroom thanks to the use of wood and black materials. All necessary equiment is present, with a towel dryer for an optimal comfort.

L'Aiguille Grive - modern renovation

Modern and clean bathroom, mixing warm of wood and purity of white faience. It offers all comfort you need : a wall shower bracket, a shower screen, 2 independant lights, a storage shelf under mirror and a storage furniture. The big mirror brings a touch of originality.

Le Ruitor - Sofa with meridian

Preservation of original disposition of the seat with a sofa with meridian. Comfort optimized, and the meridian allows not to obstruct the large window.

La Nova - fully equipped kitchen in a small surface

Nice space optimization in this studio where all necessary equipments are present. The + : the bottle holder above the entrance door.

L'Armoise - complete renovation

Complete renovation of an open kitchen, with high quality materials, and very convenient thanks to its numerous storage. Elegant and sophisticated with its mirror splashback and its discreet lighting.

Les Tournavelles - upgrading of the original kitchen

Another nice example of kitchen renovation : preserved colors, complete restauration of the bar and woodwork, and addition of modern furnitures but totally integrated in this new space. The same, but better !

Le Varet - highlighted original kitchen

The charm of the old (disposition and furnitures preserved) brought up to date thanks to a restauration of furnishings : sanding and painting of furnitures, renovation of the kitchen's lacquered shell. Highlights on the original furnishings.

Le Grand Arbois - corridor kitchen

Preservation of the original disposition of the kitchen by replacing old furnitures with clear and modern ones, induction or vitro ceramic cooking hob and contemporary kitchen equipment.

Les Tournavelles - spiral staircase

Spiral staircase with wooden cladding on stair climbing. This cladding allows not to damage the wall, and its irregular disposition gives a touch of originality.

Le Vogel - design guardrail

Wonderful guardrail, aesthetic and design, which constitutes an integral component of decoration.

Les Lauzières - mirror doors

Modern and luminous layout of a corridor thank to mirror door which gives a feeling of depth and light. Tip : leather door handles and storage boxes with baskets.

Bourg Saint Maurice - bunk beds

Mixing of wood for traditional style and metal for modern aspect : winning mix for this quality night corner.

L'Aiguille Grive - headboard

An original wooden headboard which brings warm and character to the bedroom. Sober and efficient.

L'Armoise - double bed

Nice layout for a small area night corner mixing practicality and elegance. All necessary comfort is present : bedside table, individual lighting and electrical outlet.

L'Armoise - bunk beds

Use of metallic bed frame for a modern-chic style.

L'Aiguille Grive - mountain night corner

What could be better for a mountain night corner than a… mountain wall ? Geometric patterns and shades of grey bring a touch of originality and decorate the room.

Le Thuria - modern bedroom

Modern, simply and efficient renovation : light and plain walls, clean headboard, addition of curtains and cushions.

Le Thuria - glass wall

The glass wall is an ideal solution to bring natural light to an interior room. Aesthetic and design, it gives also lot of character. Tip : the use of high quality bed linen for a cocooning and warm atmosphere.

Le Bellecôte - double bed in the entrance

Creation of a night corner in the entrance, modern and comfortable with double bed. Respected intimity thanks to the blackout separator curtain.

La Nova - night corner for a small surface

Optimization of space for small areas with creation of a night corner with double bed, well delimited thanks to wooden wall coating which brings a warm and cosy atmosphere. Lot of drawers below, no lost place.

La Nova - Multiple storage spaces

Full of storage for your ski equipment : boxes with absorbent carpets for ski boots, wall racks with duckboards for skis and snowboards, baskets for accessories. Adaptable for all surface areas.

L'Aiguille Grive - metallic coating

The advantage of metal coating ? A material that doesn’t damage and preserves your walls, perfect to give a « modern/industrial » atmosphere to the space.

La Nova - ski storage for small surface

Ideal for small areas, the hanging wooden chest allows to store skis without damaging walls.

Les Tournavelles - Skis and ski boots storage

Optimization of the entrance area, with electric boots dryer for an optimal comfort.

Le Varet – Clean modern style

Restrained colours and materials, enhanced by the more fashionable colours of the accessories.

Le Varet – Scandinavian style

Décor where clean lines and minimalist style put the emphasis on the view outside.

Le Thuria – Cosy and industrial style

Example of an attractive glazed panel allowing natural light into the master suite.

La Nova – Chic modern chalet style

We like the multi-purpose aspect of the room which makes the best use of space.

Les Lauzières – Warm, modern materials

Full renovation and reorganisation while combining 2 studios.

Les Balcons du Chantel – Contemporary, mountain-style interior design

Efficient use of coherent spaces, where there is room and a place for everyone.

Les Lauzières – Loft-style interior

Full renovation and reorganisation while combining 2 studios.

Aiguille Rouge – Contemporary colourful interior

Contemporary furnishings and unusual vivid colours, two guarantees of quality in a restrained and cosy interior.

Le Thuria - Restrained contemporary interior

The white in this apartment combines with the light for a restrained and contemporary overall effect courtesy of the contrasting blue wall.

Les Balcons du Chantel – Headboard

Using classic materials such as the old wood on this bedhead.

Aiguille Grive – Sleeping area

The original bunk beds have been restored ( sanded down and painted) to give them a completely new look and the bedding replaced (mattresses, duvets, pillows…).

The beds have been grouped together to give a «mountain refuge» feel, popular with guests who like to get together and share some good times as a complete break from their everyday lives.

Les Lauzières – Central island

A central island with the cooker hob and oven always adds a very convivial touch. In this case it is also fitted with cupboards and extended by a table and chairs. We like the multi-purpose aspect which makes the best use of space and provides a wide view.


Exemplary renovation blending warmth and modernity of materials: wood, lacquer, slate. In keeping with the original lay-out with 2 banquette-beds and a convertible table. Opening the dividing wall of the kitchen area to extend the corridor, chairs with integral storage of modern design and the little glazed opening which allows natural light to penetrate the sleeping area behind it are ingenious ideas to bear in mind.

The overall harmony, the design benefits and the feeling of well-being earned this apartment the SIGNATURE LES ARCS 2014 award.


The sitting area is based on the relaxation area in the original design: two banquette-beds arranged in an L-shape around a coffee table, so guests can sit by the window to relax or read close to natural light.

The cushions have been redesigned on the original model for comfortable sitting.

The choice of invigorating colours reflects the original colour palette while bringing a touch of current modernity.



Renovated to a contemporary design incorporating opulent and comfortable furnishings and high-tech equipment (3D screen, Mp3 dock, radiator thermostats, dimmer for the lighting etc.) to make this space into a proper sitting room for unwinding and relaxing. The strong connection with the outdoors, the understated, refined and simple decor, and the use of quality materials (Bolon floor covering for example) justify the « coup de cœur » award from the SIGNATURE LES ARCS 2014 jury.


 « Design chic » renovation for this welcoming space. A large sofa and club armchair facing the glass doors are an open invitation to lounge at home.

A well-judged blend of restored original items, cosy furnishings, modern accessories and classic materials.

This area is totally given over to the sitting room.



The choice to optimise the kitchen area declutters the sitting room.

Convertible sofa, coffee table and small, cosy armchairs enable guests not only to appreciate the view outside but also to settle comfortably in front of the TV.


Complete renewal of bathrooms by installing new shower cubicle, washbasin and WC.

The much-appreciated addition of a heated towel rail

Mixing modern materials and wood for a « contemporary mountain » effect.


The spiral staircase remains the most suitable way of combining 2 studios on 2 floors.

In plain metal, painted, with or without covering on the steps, with or without banister rail, it maximises space, aesthetics and efficiency.


Uncluttered alinement of cupboards grouped against a single wall. The depth of the cupboards along this smooth wall is defined by the size of the service shaft. The lines of sight and movement are clear from the front door to the balcony doors. A feeling of space reinforced by the uncluttered floor (the cupboards do not reach the floor).



Reusing the frames of original bunks. Restoring (rubbing down, painting) and replacing bedding (mattresses, duvets, pillows, etc.). Beds arranged in a « mountain refuge » style appreciated by guests who like to meet up and share good times that are different from their daily lives.


Covering roughcast walls with horizontal strips of wood for a cosy mountain ambiance. Getting back to the resort’s roots by personalising designer branded duvets with the les Arcs logo and by using wall lights with pivoting shutters « by C. Perriand » (re-issue 1962 Nemo)


Complete creation of a sleeping area in the entrance hall of a studio:

> Bunk beds + made-to-measure pull-out bed
> Addition of a sliding door
> Building closed cupboards (with ventilation) to store skiing equipment.

Courtesy of these arrangements, guests can settle down without feeling as though they are sleeping in a hallway, a ski shop or having to join in with life in the rest of the studio



Transformation of an original sleeping area with 2 bunk beds into a cosy and welcoming space with 1 double bed with large drawers underneath for the suitcases. A TV screen installed on the opposite wall makes this space very suitable for shutting oneself away and relaxing in comfort.


Open counter housing hob and a large oven, fitted with storage units and can be used as a dining table with extension to accommodate 2 stools and allowing people to sit down properly.


Replacing a corner kitchen counter with an integrated U-shaped kitchen to open up the space and allowing free flow in the corridor as the work surface does not project so far.


Optimising space from floor to ceiling


The kitchen area has been completely reorganised and the bar that separates it from the sitting room has been renewed. It houses the sink and dishwasher and has been fitted with high-level cupboards, leaving a serving hatch to the dining area and sitting room. Just opposite, this arrangement leaves space for a bigger fridge (with freezer compartment), an all-in-one cooker and a microwave.


Complete renovation of the kitchen unit retaining the identical functionality: cooking rings, sink + dishwasher, fridge, waste bin under the work surface. The bar has been replaced with a fixed table and chairs which not only frees space in the sitting room but also provides more surface space in the kitchen area.


Complete renovation of a kitchen unit with a work surface comprising hob and sink under which a dishwasher and washing machine have been installed. The fridge, oven and (separate) microwave have been installed along the opposite wall. The bar has been altered to become a bar/high table with storage + high chairs around it. This arrangement also creates a separate sitting room.


Complete renovation and reorganisation. The sink, dishwasher and a large enclosed space for waste bins (recycling) have replaced the original kitchen unit. The bar has been replaced with a table and high chairs. The cooking area with work surface, cupboards and a large fridge have been fully integrated along the wall at right-angles.


Extension of the work surface towards the sitting room through partially opening the dividing wall.


Increased space for an L-shaped kitchen through the removal of the dividing wall separating it from the sitting room + kitchen moved back slightly through the restructuring of the bathroom behind it.