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Often considered a natural rampart, the Alps are however not impassable. Through the presence of the Petit-Saint-Bernard, Bonhomme and Iseran passes, the Haute-Tarentaise valley has brought together important places of passage since prehistory. Since Antiquity, the Petit-Saint-Bernard pass has been a link between local Alpine populations. During the Roman conquest, Emperor Augustus completed the construction of the Roman road. Troops, sovereigns, pilgrims, merchants, bankers and peddlers cross paths on the roads. At the end of the Middle Ages, the County of Savoie controlled five crucial passes, including the Petit and Grand Saint-Bernard.


Bourg Saint Maurice has a varied heritage (religious, military, architectural, agricultural, industrial, etc.) and traces of a past rich in history. The Borain heritage trail is an invitation to discover the town with the help of twelve panels scattered throughout the town.

Duration: 1h30 – 2h

1 - Haute-Tarentaise dairy cooperative
2 - Rochefort Tower
3 - Trinity Chapel
4 - The Bourgeat district
5 - Le Clos des Capucins
6 - Town Hall and Place Marcel Gaimard
7 - The Grande rue and the House of the Heads
8 - The Haut-Bourg district
9 - The Saint-Maurice d’Agaune church and its bell tower
10 - Communal wash house and fountain
11 - Espace Le Savoy
12 - The train station

Each panel is decorated with an old illustration or an archive document.


Borain Heritage Trail (French Only)

The History of Bourg Saint Maurice (French Only)